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I moved! [Tuesday, | November 18th, 2008 at 11:13am]


Yay it ended! [Thursday, | November 13th, 2008 at 12:14am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

On the 11th and I choose to blog now, 13th. Like 2 days later, haha aiya but Im lazy lol.
So aft O's celeb, there's HSM movie and Aston dinner!
Then today steamboat at My's hse haha. It was...........i dno? Lol food wasted, horror ghost experiences, Steven Lim O_o!!!(NO MORE PLS!!)??? and heavy bloody rain...........lol.
So tmr finally I get to stay hm and prob tidy up my table and clear all bks! Yay bye books........but I still love you come on haha.

O's are gone, naturally you'll start to think abt the day we got back results nxt yr :S
Oh man, can I still make it for TJ? Im not confident..........how!? :S :S :S :S :S
But whatever it is, Im still going to enjoy FIRST, like KPC!!!, shopping trips.....................etc!
JC life'll be really harsh, I must be prepared, no matter what.
Yup so I packed my desk ytd and did it in like 2 hrs time haha. So in the end, i had 3 stacks of ws to dump away!! Lol I WANNA GO SHOPPING? :D

I couldnt slp last night and kept on tossing and turning. I woke up at 7.18am and decided to go for a morn jog! Cos the weather was so cooling............nice. So I feel refreshed now haha. I WAN TO GO F21!


KPC Dayout today and never've been better! [Friday, | May 9th, 2008 at 9:00pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Today was KPC Day. With the girls, Junqian, Pearline, Huishia and Karen. Haha realised I've arranged them according to who reached Paya Lebar Mrt first? Junqian's always the earliest, even though she lived the furthest, Hougang (O_o). Then Pearline claims she's gonna be superb late, and said Cannot la, I think Im gonna be very very late. But it turned out she's third to reach. ( Im second!(: ) Then Huishia tried her best to come early, cos I text ed her and told her to not be late.(She's always the last to reach, when she lives the nearest -.-) Then Karen, thought she forgot abt the outing, haha. Cos me and Qian called her but couldnt get answer from her. Then we realised her phone was spoilt, couldnt answer phone haha. But she came in the end :D
Then off we ran into the train to Vivo! Was really lame in the Mrt, talking joking teasing. Abt Karen's Sesame Strt bag. Blue bird=Cookie monster. Red bird=Elmo. Big bird. The real "Birt", who started the whole lame event. And Banana bird Heh heh, that's Ernie I think. Lol we made up really good names. Find any of us for consultation if you're wondering what name to give for ya newborn baby. (If you dare!) Haha, dont blame us for giving weird names uh.
Once at Vivo, went ta eat. Qian was kinda hungry, so we went to Swensen's. Kinda Not budget, cos Mummy Huishia didnt wanna treat us to Mothers' Day package ): Heh heh. Then went to cinema to check out times for movie first. Wanted What happens in Vegas in the first place, but no timing and single separate seats Wth? So gonna go with Speed Racer!
Was great, graphics pretty cool, lotsa Retro colours, cos the ppl inside wore purple yellow green blue kinda bright colours!
The races were great, exciting every second. The somersaults, turns everything.
A never will regret after watching movie.
Oh settled down in Carl Jr. Shared three rather big burgers, three huge fries and three drinks! Took turns and switched ard the table, exchanging burgers. But Hwee's kinda get hogged over every burger she ate, and set Karen pissed off. Haha so funny.
Then, the playgrd, main pt of KPC? Heh heh, Qian got dressed to play there cos she wore pants while the rest of us wore long jeans. I wore shoes, the rest wore slippers zzz. (Anw, on the way hm, they're comparing toes lol.)
The auntie came and chased us off zzz, cos we're 12 and Above. Playgrd only for 12 and below, supervised with adults zzz. Why like tt?!?!?!
Anw, went to Candy Empire, got Mom's Mothers' Day gift. A Forty$ Choc, woah! But nice wrapping though, and Pearl said it was not bad, so yup bought it! I dno whr to hide it now, cos it cant last in my bag for two days, it'll melt. Cant place in fridge either, Mom will notice them. So maybe I'll give it to her as soon as I feel like it lol.
Then went home, took pix gonna post them up asap lol.

Feel like going out now too. Like night outings. Wanted to catch more movies, eat more food outside, and do some shopping. But no one to date zzz! Wanted What happens in Vegas (Thought Munyee said its not tt nice.) But oh well, I still wanna catch it. And I wanted some new slippers.  A few new clothings perhaps.

Oh well, not alot ppl's online now. Boring zzz. Evryone's out to play!
I wanta play too!
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